Discover Palaiochora

Paleochora is a coastal town located on the southwest coast of Crete, approximately 70km from Chania and 200km from Heraklion. It is built on a peninsula between two picturesque bays, and as it borders the Libyan Sea it is justly regarded as the “Libyan Bride” and “Land of the Sun”.

The town has the natural advantage of being built between two bays; the eastern and the western. The small peninsula is protected from strong seasonal winds by the surrounding mountains. The mountains, located geographically north of Paleochora are impressive because of their height (300 m), and because they posses a unique natural beauty and grace that combines rugged upland hills and crevices with lowland vegetation of aromatic shrubs and plants. This rare and somewhat rugged landscape automatically changes at the approach of sea level, with the long & flat plains of Paleochora town. The town itself is limited in size by the encroachment on both sides of the Libyan Sea. The western bay is defined by a beautiful artificial port, with the navy lighthouse projecting it’s signal for ships travelling to Gibraltar or contrary to the Suez Canal.  Follow the coast west from the port and you find the ​​thick sand beach of Paleochora town. The pristine beach which is permanently waving the blue flag receives thousands of visitors in the summer months. Across the town at the east bay you find every differential between shingles and rocks dependent on which part of the coastline you choose (ie an ordinary Greek landscape). Looking out from the shores of the east side of Paleochora, you can observe the caps of the White Mountains that separate our province from that of Sfakia. The ferry pier is located on this side of the bay which serves tourists who want to visit Soúgia, Agia Roumeli, Loutro, Chora Sfakia, Gavdos & Elafonisi.


With day trips on comfortable and convenient boats, always with available places, you ensure a quite beautiful and original journey. We have some of the best beaches in Crete spanning 18km either side of Paleochora. There are several hiking trails including the European E4 & E1 and whichever one you chose to take they all end up at one of our beautiful beaches. Water activities include swimming, surfing, water skiing, snorkelling, jet ski, kite, sailing, fishing …
In the evenings after a busy day (or not!), you can enjoy a walk, food, wine, coffee etc., in both the sea front and central streets of Paleochora which remain closed to vehicles all night, and are transformed into pedestrian streets with tables & chairs.
With all this on offer, Paleochora is a Greek corner where the holidaymaker is not subjected to the “tourist farm” and enjoys the real feel of the island & the famous Cretan hospitality making it a unique holiday experience. There is easy access to archaeological and historical sites, Byzantine churches, monasteries & museums.