Chania (pronounced “Hanya”) must be the loveliest port town in Greece. Swallows soar in sheer blue skies above the semicircle of tall Venetian houses around its picture-perfect Old Harbour. The tables of scores of bars and restaurants line the quayside. Behind the harbour front, narrow, traffic-free shopping lanes thread through the atmospheric Old Town. On either side of the town, sandy beaches stretch along the coast.

The Old Town of Chania is considered as one of the most alluring and fascinating parts of Crete and the Mediterranean. A walk through its picturesque alleys, filled with beautiful local shops, showcases the different cultures that have left their mark on the island over time. Stretching behind the old Venetian harbor of Chania, offering a phenomenal spot for romantic walks and dinners to both visitors and locals, Chania’s Old Town still holds the Venetian aura and aesthetic.



Chania Venetian harbor with its lighthouse is the trademark of the city of Chania.
One rarely finds a place so full of historical memories, which unfold before our eyes with exquisite skill through the architecture of the buildings looking onto the Venetian harbor, bearing scents from past times, drawing the visitor into a nostalgic game of the senses, a mixture of East and West. The modern restaurants, cafés, and bars add to the charm of the harbor, providing the necessary notes of life and familiar comfort throughout the year.