Lissos Ancient City

Lissos was an important city of Crete dating between the 4th century BC until the 7th to 9th century AD, when abandoned after its destruction by a powerful earthquake that struck the island.

The period of its acne, during the Hellenistic Times (330-69 BC) and until the 5th century AD, was a worship center to the goddess Diktinna. The temple has not been discovered yet, but there are findings in  Lissos proving its existence

In Hellenistic times, the water of lissos considered thermal (it flows yet), and was the reason to be built here a healing temple which acquired great fame and people flocked to be cured, coming even beyond the Greek territory.

The temple of Asclepius was excavated in 1957-1960 under huge rocks that had crushes, bringing to light rich discoveries of the Hellenistic Times, among them, votive offerings with inscriptions, devoted to the God of health, Asclepius.

Today in Lissos, on the temple of Asklepius, the mosaic floor which was added to the Roman period (69 BC – 330 AD) is partially preserved, and around it are scattered various architectural remains of the temple.