26 January 2020

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Memorable Activities

Cretan Gorges

Samaria Gorge Samaria Gorge is the most famous Cretan gorge. With a length of 18 kilometres, it is known as the longest trekking gorge in Europe. Located on the sierra of the White Mountains in the Chania region, Samaria Gorge has a width that varies from 150 meters to a narrow three meters where the [...]


Hiking on the E4 Trail Paleochora - Elafonissi The E4 trail connecting Paleochora with Elafonissi, essentially starts on the beach of Krios, which is located about 9 km west from Paleochora. The length of the E4 trail from Krios beach to Elafonissi is about 10 km, and it has no difficulty. You will return to Paleochora by the boat which [...]


Rent a boat ,be your own captain for the day and discover Crete's most stunning  coastline! You can visit SFAKIA/ELAFONISI /GAYDOS /GRAMVOUSA /BALOS on a private cruise!!   Sailing and sea kayaking, the best way to discover unique Gavdos Island and some of the best beaches in south Chania, Crete. Αbsolutely, one of the best trips someone [...]


Is it your first time exploring the sea? The  south coast undrewater world is an experience not to be missed. Diving and snorkeling in South Chania are one-of-a-kind recreational activities that attract increasingly many visitors each year. The Libyan Sea in South Crete – which is the sea of Paleochora – is one of the best [...]


Find the right bike route for you through Paleochora where we 've got many routes to explore. The most common routes you can find here are those of the hilly type. Popular routes are: Paleochora / Temenia  43km. Paleochora/Azogires    49km. Paleochora/Kantanos   32 km. Paleochora/Spaniakos  17km. Paleochora/Voutas     38km. Paleochora/Prodromi    25 km

Cretan Experiences